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About Us

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Where the Feeling of Home Never Goes Away

Malamav Community and Human Services, Inc. is committed to serving the developmentally-disabled members of our community as well as their families. We provide a gorgeous home packed with wonderful amenities to keep our clients entertained, happy, and fulfilled. Our top-notch programs and services are personalized to meet the needs and goals of every client. Compassionate, kind-hearted, and highly-qualified caregivers deliver a specialized brand of care, one that is guaranteed to help our residents live life with independence and dignity.

We understand the difficulties and challenges faced by individuals with mental or physical impairments; those who constantly need assistance from their loved ones whenever they want to accomplish something; those who somehow feel like they don’t belong. It is our duty to give these individuals hope for the future. We strive to provide our residents a home where they can thrive and accomplish whatever it is that makes them happy. Through our quality programs and services, we help our clients find meaning in their lives; we open their eyes and help them see that there is so much to live for. It is indeed a sad reality that adults with developmental disabilities are not given as much opportunities in life as others. However, little by little, we are here to change that. We hope that through our influence, others will realize how important it is to value these members of our community.

Bridging the Gaps for the Developmentally Disabled

If your home is no longer a place where you can maintain a high quality of life, then a change of residence is definitely in order. If you or your loved one needs to take that next big step and move to an environment that can offer you fulfillment, we have more than got you covered. You shouldn’t have to stay in a home that no longer brings you happiness. When your abode is no longer the ideal setting for a quality life, our doors are wide open for you.

Aside from providing a wonderful home, we also offer adult day programs and day habilitation programs to further enrich each day our clients spend with us. These programs are planned based on the individual needs and interests of each person, helping him or her achieve unparalleled happiness within our facility. We live for bringing constant joy and meaning into the lives of our clients.

Our safe haven is located in Powder Springs, GA. We are dedicated to providing an environment that is just like home, one that is safe, caring, and nurturing for all our residents. One of the best things about our facility is that you will have someone to attend to your needs 24/7. No matter what time of the day it is, if there is anything you need, our lovely staff will be there to assist and support you in every way.

Improving the quality of life of the developmentally-disabled of our communities is what we enduringly endeavor to accomplish. At our facility, everyone is family and is therefore treated with utmost care and compassion at all times. We are not simply a business that you pay for, we are so much more than that. Creating a relationship that leads to the significant enhancement of a person’s life is what we consider a great accomplishment. When a person is able to look at the world and see hope, love, and tons of possibilities despite his or her physical or mental impairments, that is when we consider ourselves successful at our jobs.

Our Mission

To provide the best practice in the provision of healthcare while ensuring each individual is treated with respect and dignity.

It would indeed be a pleasure to meet and talk to you or your loved one today. We’d love to tell you more about Malamav Community and Human Services, Inc., the values we stand for, and all the services we have to offer. You can Set an appointment with our trusted and accommodating staff or call 770-943-4641 / 678-802-7337. You may also send a message to / with your questions and inquiries.